The steps to make a purchase on our website is very easy in 5 steps:

1º Choose the item or items you want to buy by adding it to the cart.

In the observed products selected the cost of the product or products shipping costs and total price to pay.

Click on the lower right tab "go to the box" for the next step

2º Start session, you must register in the web with the data requested for the shipment or login if you are already registered.

Once you have given the following tab, you will be asked for the information that you must complete for the shipment, all this data will be used exclusively for the shipment of the purchase

You are asked for a contact number to facilitate the delivery of the product to the transportation agency. Once you register on the page, you do not need to fill in the data every time you buy a product with logging is enough.

3º Once the data and address have been completed, give the lower right tab a box.

4º You will see the expenses generated by the shipment and have the link to the conditions of sale to move to the next and last step must accept them.

5ºPayment payment has two secure platforms options, both paypal or redsys, which is the payment platform for all kinds of credit or debit cards of any entity of the santander bank.Press once on the option chosen wait for the window to open.

Thank you.

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